The flexible warrior on the “sand field” ———— Atyric crawler mobile crushing and screening station

Crawler mobile crushing screening stations can be widely used in various industries in the coarse crushing of minerals and rocks, broken, fine grinding and ultra fine grinding, sand making, plastic, sand washing, operation process of sizing screen classification, can also be used to deal with the urban construction waste, municipal engineering, bridge construction, need timely transitions homework project, can satisfy the diversified needs of customers.

It is understood that at present, there are more than ten major brands of domestic mobile crusher, and hundreds of large and small production enterprises. Atairac/Ataarac is one of the best.

CMC series crawler mobile crushing and screening station is a new type of mobile crushing equipment developed by ATAIRAC/ATARAC. Adhering to the principle and design concept of “environmental protection, safety, reliability, high efficiency, intelligence, energy saving, complete set”, the company adopts advanced design methods and adopts the international new crawler mobile crushing station technology in the design. According to the needs of customers, it is specialized and customized to create greater value and profit for customers.

ATAIRAC CMC series crawler type moving jaw crushing station