Service Commitment

Service commitment: professional, comprehensive, timely and continuous


Comprehensive consulting, personalized customization: to help customers avoid the investment risk

No matter what size is your enterprise investment scale, we can provide you include the industry trends, regional resources, construction scale, production process and supply solutions, we will share the information and help you to integrate the resources, avoid investment risk.Thereby you cloud get the investment value, control the cost effectively and gain the highly investment returns.

Authoritative experts provide the complete solutions: to improve the rate of return on investment

We have gathered the different areas specialists with the abundant technological resources, have cooperated with many scientific research institutions and organizations in China and abroad, have established the new high-tech crushing and grinding product development team to guarantee the broken grinding machinery products could be constantly updated.We could offer you many models and kinds of schemes, design a variety of possible combinations , to make sure that the broken grinding equipment complete fit with your requirement.


QC system: Quality Assurance

  1. We have the high quality production elite team,and during the process of production ,we performed the scientific quality management all the time.We have set up a production worker self-check, the production team leader review, the company inspector ,the quality of the final inspection level 3 test system.Elaborate the products in every detail and cultivate the Enterprise quality in “Never avoid the problems, never let the same problem appeared again”.To provide the high level, international quality crushing grinding equipment with the reliable guarantee.
  2. We could provide the complete layout and equipment installation drawings, to ensure that it could be easily for users to prepare the base installation work.

The perfect after-sale service system: to operate and escort the project for users in comprehensive.

  1. To do the installation, commissioning and acceptance work on the schedule by the contract for the equipment ,debug the best process parameters according to the technical requirements, produce the qualified materials products.
  2. To provide the lifelong service for equipment maintenance and technical advisory.
  3. To organize and implement the necessary technical renovation and upgrade for the long run machine , to ensure the machine have the most optimal operation status.
  4. Provide the detailed guide technology for users, including equipment technical specifications, common trouble shooting solutions, the processing technology method and conventional process parameters.
  5. To solve complicated problems encountered in the process of production and maintenance for users at any time .
  6. For the warranty parts, when it damaged with non-artificial reasons, we will replace them for free, and will not charge any fee (except the loss product).For the human reasons failure, the spare parts will be charged and the labor is free.
  7. When the warranty period expires, the spare parts will be charged. At the second year for the equipment operation, the spare parts will be charged and the labor still for free.

Daily service:

  1. Set up customer service hotline (including email, online service and free complaint hotline), receive the users calls at any time.
  2. For the user applications and complaints, etc., will reply within 12 hours and keep follow up the service after that.
  3. Pay the return telephones and visits in regular.
  4. For the onsite problems which need to be solved, we will guarantee to come in 24 hours(the domestic customers) – after visa in 36 hours (the overseas customers) .
  5. Establish the personal profile for each users all over the world, to provide crushing and grinding machine maintenance advice timely, professional and reasonable, keep remind you to use the maintenance replace repair so that to reduce your operation costs in comprehensive.

Spare parts supply

Establish the special spare parts warehouse for the users, to provide the efficient and long time spare parts services, provide the free spare parts during warranty (except the artificial damage and wearing parts).