Dolomite Processing

Dolomite processing contains four stages; coarse crushing of jaw crusher, medium and fine crushing of impact or cone crusher, and shaping stage of sand making machine.

♦ The first stage: Coarse Crushing

The lump dolomite will be transported to material bin by the truck. Then the forklift or the worker will put the material into jaw crusher for crushing, until the material size is smaller than the maximum feeding size of the grinding machine

♦ The second stage: Medium and Fine Crushing

The crushed dolomite will be lifted to the storage bin by the elevator, then the material will pour down from the hopper and be transported by the feeder evenly to the crushing machine.

♦ The third stage: Sand Making

During the grinding process, the qualified material will go to the collector through the pipe after screening. The collected material is the final product and will be discharge from the pipe, for the disqualified material, it will go through the grinding process again.

♦ The fourth stage: Finished Products

The purified airflow goes into the air blower through the air pipe above the separator. The wind path is a circle. Besides the path between the air blower and grinding chamber is positive pressure, all the air in the pipes is negative pressure. The sanitary situation is good.