South Korea 450 tons/hour granite sand production line

Granite has dense structure, high compressive strength, low water absorption, high surface hardness, good chemical stability, strong durability, but poor fire resistance. Granite is an excellent building stone, it is often used for foundation, bridge pier, steps, road surface, can also be used for masonry houses, walls, has been widely used as the main material of building facade granite. Can also be used for indoor ground and column decoration, wear resistance requirements of high table and step step, etc.

Processing material: granite
Production: 450 TPH/H
Feeding particle size: <650MM
Discharge particle size: 0-8mm, 8-25mm

The scene is
The granite crushing production line of Atereke has the characteristics of high automation, high crushing rate, low operating cost, energy saving and environmental protection, fine granularity, etc. Atrek can provide you with a complete set of process plan and technical support according to the specific production requirements, to ensure that you can meet your needs.

The customer evaluation
At the stage of equipment selection, we decided to cooperate with Ateric Heavy Industries after comparing with several crusher manufacturers. Facts have proved that our choice is correct, Ateric’s product quality and configuration plan is trustworthy indeed!