Shanghai 60 tons/hour construction waste disposal system

The large amount of construction waste brought about by the rapid development and large-scale construction has become a new obstacle to the urban development and environmental ecological deterioration. T g o heavy industry to the principle of resource recycling, with many years of experience of garbage and other solid waste comprehensive treatment, and rely on the company’s strong technical strength, reliable production and processing equipment, efficient service construction team, from getting to know the needs of the customers to solve the customer’s needs, to provide customers with complete specialized system solutions, It can effectively solve the problems of transportation, stacking and treatment of urban construction waste, save land resources, eliminate environmental pollution, and realize the development of urban ecological environmental protection and circular order.

Processing materials: construction waste, concrete
Output: 60 tons/hour /H
Feeding particle size: <700mm
Discharge particle size: 5-1,0mm, 10-30mm, 30-100mm

The scene is
The modular design scheme is convenient for transfer, and the whole production line is sealed with low noise, which is suitable for the urban center. The construction waste crusher independently developed by Aterike Heavy Industry has a large crushing ratio and efficient operation, which is mainly aimed at concrete, concrete secondary product waste and brick-concrete structure with reinforcement or iron wire. Separating steel bar and iron wire is one of the best in similar products. Even if the longer steel bar or iron wire in the block is wound on the roller shaft, it can also be removed by positive and negative rotation.

The customer evaluation
Ateric’s construction waste crushing treatment is very professional and enjoys a good reputation in the industry. From the process design to the late construction, we saved a lot of heart. The equipment works well and exceeds the expectation.