Selection of sand making machine equipment

Fixed sand making machine – PLS impact sand making machine
For pebble sand making machine, Dahua Heavy Industry recommended PLS vertical impact sand making machine, Dahua Heavy Industry sand making machine after years of design and development, constantly launched new equipment used in mine development, in order to meet the needs of different mines, then Dahua Heavy Industry vertical impact sand making machine has what advantages? What are the main features?

Mobile sand making machine
Mobile sand making machine is the development trend of the mining industry. The combination of equipment can easily complete the configuration of a set of sand making production line without establishing a complex foundation. It is the Gospel of the flow production line.
Wheeled sand making locomotive traction can walk, at any time directly to find the working area; The crawler sand making machine does not need the traction of the locomotive, and the computer and remote control can realize walking and steering, etc., without driving, it is very intelligent and advanced.

(1) The working principle of “stone striking stone” and “stone striking iron” improves the quality of the finished sand and the working efficiency;
(2) The central and peripheral feeding at the same time, impeller synchronous deep cavity configuration, effectively increase the amount of pebbles up to 30%;
(3) The casting head adopts combined design, and only the worn part needs to be replaced for daily maintenance, effectively reducing the operation cost.
These three points are the main advantages of PLS impact sand making machine, but they are not limited to these three points. To unlock more advantages of PLS impact sand making machine, you can click on the consultation price for free consultation to have a deep understanding of this equipment.

How to select equipment
Choosing the right equipment is related to the output, efficiency and quality of the whole production line, so it is extremely important to choose the right equipment. In brief, there are the following points:

  1. Choose the right sand making machine according to the nature of the material. The pebble material is relatively hard, and the vertical impact crusher can get twice the result with half the effort.
  2. According to the size of production, choose the appropriate model. The maximum output of vertical impact sand making machine can reach more than 150 tons, which can meet the demand of sand production.
  3. Select customized sand machine and mobile sand making machine according to the site and environment.