Hebei Iron and Steel Group annual processing 1.2 million tons of steel slag recycling project

T g o Shanghai heavy industries are now for baosteel 500000 tons/year, shaanxi Long Gang provide 1 million tons/year, for 1.5 million tons/year, tianjin hebei xuanhua steel 1.5 million tons/year, shanxi of constant steel mills for 1 million tons/year of a full set of steel slag dry process production technology and PEY hydraulic protection of jaw crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, ZM GPY steel slag Main equipment, such as steel slag automatic mill, GBMZ steel slag rod mill, etc., has provided wet production process and PEY hydraulic protection jaw crusher, GPY steel slag hydraulic cone crusher, ZM steel slag automatic mill and other main equipment for Meishan steel mill, Jiangsu Gaoyou steel mill, Shandong Laiwu steel mill and Jinan steel mill.

Processing material: steel slag

Output: 200 tons/hour /H

Feeding particle size: <700mm

Discharge particle size: 5-10mm, 10-30mm, 30-100mm

The scene is

T g o according to the characteristics of various iron and steel enterprise, heavy industry developed dry method and wet method, respectively, two kinds of steel slag comprehensive efficient recycling production technology and complete sets of equipment, the production capacity of up to 30 ~ 2 million tons/year, for the vast number of steel slag treatment plant selection, comprehensive utilization of steel slag is efficient to achieve zero row to put, for the iron and steel enterprises to realize development cycle, Build energy-saving enterprises to provide complete sets of high efficiency and energy saving technology and equipment support. The magnetic steel slag washing, ball milling, magnetic separation, purification technology and complete set of equipment developed by Aterike Heavy Industry can not only realize water recycling, but also achieve high purification grade of slag steel (TFE > 90%), and the grade of iron-containing slag powder reaches 55%. The iron slag powder is returned to the sintering plant to replace part of lime after being formed into balls by the ball press machine. The water content of the slag is low and can be stacked and stored for non-burning brick or road permeable brick.

The customer evaluation

We are attracted to visit Ateric Heavy Industries, the factory area is large, the hardware strength there, at a glance, big company undoubtedly. After several rounds of negotiation with the sales staff, I was satisfied with the design scheme and product line configuration, and finally finalized. Test machine, product operation training, production, return visit, a series of services are very in place.