France 1000t/h limestone crushing processing system

This project is located in the east of France to produce **** aggregate coarse crushing processing system. The process and equipment of the coarse crushing system, modular raw material warehouse structure parts, modular equipment structure platform have been designed and manufactured by our company.

Processing material: limestone

Production: 1000 t/h/h

The scene is

Equipment configuration: 1 set of ZSw-600 *210 bar feeder, 1 set of BP55 impact crusher, 1 set of modular raw material warehouse, 1 set of modular platform support. The system chooses the overloading feeder feeding, fully guaranteed the normal feeding, large material selection of coarse crushing equipment is my company imported French ATRIRAC technology and BP coarse crushing counterattack crusher series, the series crusher performance is superior, the broken than large, crushing force strong, the size and the shape of the product is good, is the hardness of the material crushing processing ideal crushing equipment.

The customer evaluation

After field investigation and comparison in many aspects, we finally chose Ateriac. The facts proved that our choice was very correct. The considerate service made us feel the professionalism and carefulness of Ateriac.