Beijing Haidian District 80 tons/hour construction waste disposal system

Two small module construction waste production lines provided by Ateric are responsible for handling construction waste formed due to urban reconstruction and demolition. After crushing, sorting, screening and shattering, the construction waste is finally digestioned into recycled aggregate of sand and gravel of different sizes. This kind of production line can consume more than 80 tons of construction waste per hour. The digested construction waste can be used for all kinds of concrete blocks and floor tiles, so as to realize recycling.

Processing materials: construction waste, concrete

Output: 80 tons/hour /H

Feeding particle size: <700mm

Discharge particle size: 5-1,0mm, 10-30mm, 30-100mm

The scene is

With low investment cost and small occupation area, it can realize rapid transition and turn waste into resources on site. The first use of a unique construction waste crusher, especially suitable for complex composition of construction waste, and can be peeled out of the concrete block of steel, the subsequent use of iron separator to separate it. Crushing, conveying and screening equipment are equipped with dust prevention and noise reduction measures and spray devices, no dust spillover, little impact on the surrounding environment.

The customer evaluation

Thanks to Ateric’s help, we have been able to provide the required equipment with a small footprint and minimal impact on the environment.