Atyrac’s mining equipment went abroad to France

During the Awakening of Insects, when everything comes to life and the earth warms up, the production scene in Atarac’s workshop is orderly. Although the epidemic was still continuing, Atarac, after receiving the notice to resume work, worked with one heart and one mind, arranged the time reasonably, and resumed production efficiently, ensuring that the contract orders were delivered on time within the specified time.
In the critical stage of the epidemic, Atarac has always maintained a high degree of close communication with customers, and completed the factory acceptance on time with the full cooperation of all departments of the company. The products shipped this time are: 4 sets of HTS series three-axis horizontal screen, 1 set of PFY1415 counter break, and 1 set of vertical break PLK1000.

Atarac keeps its original intention on the way forward, to achieve the ultimate product quality and service, to better win the trust of customers and obtain the market. On the way forward, Ateric develops together with customers to achieve win-win situation.

product presentation

HTS series three-axis vibrating screen

HTS series three-axis vibrating screen is a high performance horizontal screen developed and designed by our company. The running track of the vibrating screen is elliptical, which can produce strong vibration force to ensure the screening and grading effect. The horizontal installation of the vibrating screen can effectively save space and installation height. It is widely used in the production and processing of sand and gravel aggregate in the fields of hydropower, highway, railway, construction and other fields and in the material classification screening operation of construction waste treatment system. It is also the preferred screening equipment on the mobile crushing and screening station.

PLK series vertical shaft impact crusher

PLK series vertical shaft impact crusher produced by Shanghai Aterike Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is mainly used for stone crushing in building materials industry, road and railway construction and other industries which apply stone materials. It has the characteristics of unique structure, simple operation, high efficiency and energy saving, good product particle shape and cost saving.
Application: PLK series vertical shaft impact crusher is widely used in the stone crushing of building materials industry, the construction of highway and railway and other stone industries.

PFY series hard rock impact crusher

PFY series of hard rock impact crusher is designed for the compressive strength of more than 300Mpa, Mos hardness is more than 6 grade stone and the series of machines. This machine cleverly utilizes the mechanical characteristics in the process of crushing in the design, using the commonly used analysis software, the use of computing technology, set optimization design, high-performance materials, accurate data manufacturing in one, is a new machine at home and abroad. The rotor of this machine has large moment of inertia, long service life of hammer head and wear-resisting lining board, high output and polyprism shape of finished material. All models are equipped with hydraulic opening, counterattack rack retreat device, large size is equipped with hammer head hoisting device.