ATARAC reinvented himself

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year! After going through the New Coronavirus, our country has overcome many difficulties and has taken a series of positive measures to make our country recover quickly in this epidemic situation. Facts have proved that after the ordeal, our people are more united and cohesive than ever! In such a severe environment, arterik has lived up to the expectations of the public and won the 3.8 * 6.8 mill contract with the cooperation of various departments.

This is both an opportunity and a challenge for our company, because this is the first time that we have received such a large size mill, and we are still relatively inexperienced in processing and manufacturing. Such a large number of relatively large mill in shape, weight, and our workshop crane lifting weight for the 32 biggest existing in thousands of tons, the mill barrel the machining of the weight is much higher than the maximum number of lifting crane, how will such a tonnage to ensure the stability of the cylinder on the machine became a big problem needed to resolve. In view of this problem, the company leadership organization site will be in the experience of some discussion, a set of effective scheme landed.
Under the coordination of many employees in the workshop, through the efforts of the 1.5 hours, finally successfully placed this monster on the machine, at the same time we are facing a new problem, because the part is too big, lead to parts, the phenomenon of the rock in the processing, after my workshop leaders and workshop backbone personnel of meditation and discussion, Now spot weld the nut to the lead rod to play a solid role. The wisdom of workers is often accumulated in the daily processing work, and it is these crystallization of wisdom to realize the processing technology of our company and a leap, for the future processing of a larger mill simplified body to lay the foundation and accumulate experience!