YTX Series Cylinder Stone Scrubber

YTX Series Cylinder Stone Scrubber

Max. Feed Size: 680-1200 (mm)
Processing Capacity: 185-1300 (t/h)
Application Fields: metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, etc
Applied Material: limestone, dolomite, phosphate ore.


YTX Series Cylinder Stone Scrubber is mainly used in sandstone washing and aggragate washing. This machine has large size feed material and is able to keep the silt content of washed aggragates low to 0.5% and moisture content less than 2%, suitable for washing lump ores that are hard to clean. Generally, this series of ore washer consists of cylinder type and type of cylinder with grizzly bars.

Working Principle

Washing barrel supported by four tug supports is rotated driven at a low speed by a motor. The aggregate with mud pie and stone powder is fed into the rotating drum, continuously brought along and thrown away by rubber wearing plate that installed with certain angle in washing barrel, circulated many times during moving process from feed side to discharge end, and washed by straightforward or reversing water. Finally, the clean aggregates are discharged after being sieved and dehydrated by shaft screen at discharged end, and the waste water with sludge is discharged from the baffle with hole at discharge end or feed end.

Technical Specification

Model Dia. × Length(m×m) Max. Material Size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Barrel Speed(r/min) Motor Power(kw)
YTX1530 Φ1.5×3.0 50 70-140 30 55
YTX1836 Φ1.8×3.6 80 120-200 25 75
YTX2145 Φ2.1×4.5 150 180-250 21 110
YTX2450 Φ2.4×5.0 200 230-300 18 160
YTX2760 Φ2.7×6.0 250 280-420 16 220
YTX3075 Φ3.0×7.5 300 400-500 15 2×185

1.The capacity listed in the table is the corresponding parameters when crushing rocks with the bulk density of 1.6t/m³;
2.The throughput capacity may different when the material is different.

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